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Pavinil, it is a family of heterogeneous PVC flooring, suitable for many uses including high traffic, so very durable. Stabilized and reinforced by an intermediate layer also suitable to reduce to the minimum any possible deformation. Pavinil using pvc, composition and processing make it a comfortable floor, with an interesting sound absorption. And 'it produced with all the care and attention and is in possession of the European health certification for use in healthcare and food. Pavinil also slip R9-R10
Easy and fast to install
Nanni Giancarlo & C.'s PVC floor named PAVINIL are easy and fast to install. Moreover, they are simple to maintain and clean.  After the installation and for the ordinary cleaning,  it is sufficient a damp cloth with neutral detergent. The surface is treated, in order to resist to wear and time. Nevertheless, when the floor does not appear polished anymore, it can be renovated with a self-polishing emulsion's treatment.

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It is an excellent floor for renovations, thanks to its low thickness. In new built environments it can be installated directly on the screed.
Pavinil can be used to realize new pavements or to cover the old ones. On previous floorings it is indispensable to verify that they are planar, solid and without creacks.
If the old pavement has any irregularities, it will be enough to make a simple shaving, in order to make the plane homogeneous and compact. To realize the new paving, the screed does not require special precautions, beyond the normal ones and the perfect drying of the fund.
Multi-functional PVC flooring
Pvc's flooring are part of the "vinylic" flooring's family, also called "resilient". This last denomination underlines adequately their great propreties of being flexible and adaptable.  
"Resilient" is a property of a certain material that is able to resist to sudden impacts and stresses without breaking.  Therefore, the possibility to adapt to the conditions of use and to resist to wear makes it "resilient", as to say it has multiple abilities and capacities of active adaptations and the necessary flexibility to resist.
Pavinil is a versatile technical product, nice, resistant, easy to clean and to insert in any environment. This flooring offers an optimal ergonomic comfort.  
Pavinil is produced in various colors, among which there is the wood effect: it combines the beauty of the wood with the durability and the cleaning of PVC's floorings.
Pavinil allows  an excellent and easy cleaning and an optimal solution for every environment, from residential to commercial spaces, including industry, healthcare, school and sport. It is a floor which diminish walking's sounds.
It is recommended for kindergartens, schools, playrooms, children's rooms, poyivalent spaces, cafeterias, academic's
class, gyms, beauty shops, cinemas, theaters, fitness and health center, nursing homes, elders bedrooms, wellness. Perfect for healthy environments as dentistries, hospitals, clinics, schools, gyms, chimical industries. They are a must anywhere is important to have nice and easy to maintain technical data sheet, but most of all, soft, elastic, flexible and safer floor in case of fall.
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